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What is The Idea Challenge?

The Idea Challenge is an ongoing contest open to any individual or company with an idea for a new product or service. Whether you want to start a company yourself, or sell your idea to someone else, we look forward to working with you!

The contest is open to anyone, but in order to qualify ideas must be pursued within the EDC's service area. Business professionals will evaluate your idea and help you to determine if it is a feasible business concept. Simply submit your idea to get started!

Why Apply?

If your idea is one of the top five submitted, you can win money and additional business support to help turn your idea into an opportunity!

  • Five Cash Awards: $500
  • Three Business Services Awards: $1000*
  • Grand Prize Winner: $5000*
*To be applied toward reimbursable business service expenses

Hear why past finalists applied to The Idea Challenge:

How it works:

Ownership of any ideas submitted will remain with the applicant. The contest and our staff are here to support you and will not take ownership of your idea in any way. The goal of The Idea Challenge is to encourage idea generation and innovation in order to foster new businesses in the Eau Claire area.

A group of business professionals, called The Idea Challenge Partners, evaluate each idea submitted to determine if it is a feasible business concept.  Any idea that has potential will be given individual attention to help take the idea to the marketplace. Up to five ideas will win money and additional business support.

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